Our mission is to devise and execute for our clients customized and innovative commercial real estate financing solutions. Our focused representation offers a steady, expert hand to guide our clients in today's turbulent capital markets.

As a financial intermediary, we are committed to exclusive representation of our clients by providing unbiased recommendations and solutions. Regardless of capital requirements, size, and complexity, we will seek out the most cost-effective capital structure for our clients. Our sole objective is to secure the best possible financial solutions at the lowest cost of capital.

Capay Capital Advisors is known for consistently delivering value and results to our clients. Over the past 35 years, the principals at Capay have built a vast network of capital providers. These lender relationships are comprised of unique and boutique sources, as well as large institutions and high net worth individuals.

In an era of rapidly changing capital availability we use our extensive industry knowledge to navigate the complexities of Commercial Real Estate capital markets. Your transactions will benefit from our experience, gained only through successfully closing a substantial number of complex assignments. You can trust Capay to champion your project and drive it to a successful close.


Outsourcing the process of raising capital can provide numerous benefits. First, you can efficiently expand your existing capital relationships while focusing on your core business activities. In addition, an experienced capital arranger like Capay will have wide knowledge of comparable transactions and true market pricing, which will ensure you are raising the most efficient capital available. Last, a skilled capital arranger will coordinate capital provider due diligence requests and other closing details, which will result in a streamlined closing process.